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Startups to Help You Find a Last-Minute Holiday

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The second heatwave of the summer has hit us this week and thankfully, it isn’t quite as hot as the last one. Those of you who work from home can sit in your gardens and enjoy a nice cold drink while getting some work done. Those unlucky few who are stuck in the office…I hope you at least have air conditioning! While sitting at your desk, your mind may wander to the nice sunny beach you could be sitting on, and hey, who's to say we can’t make that dream a reality? If you’ve left it a bit late to book, there’s plenty of startups out there for your last minute travel needs, so let's take a look and get that holiday booked!

Hotel Tonight

If we’re talking ‘I'm desperate for a holiday, like, get me away ASAP’ then this is the startup you’ve been looking for. This site can get you incredible last-minute deals on hotels for a decent discount. If you’ve dreamed of living in luxury, this is your chance, without hurting your wallet. Their handy app lets you do it all from your mobile phone, so if you want to book it during your commute home, or by hiding your phone under your desk, they’ve got you covered. 


If it’s a more environmentally friendly holiday you’re looking for, then we have the perfect hotel booking platform for you! Staze offers ‘the most sustainable’ hotels, so you can help the planet while you travel. They have saved 10,424kg of carbon dioxide so far and you can help them increase this number by booking a hotel through their website. 

Fly Now Pay Later

The current economic climate in the UK is hitting many people’s wallets hard, so a holiday may not be on the budget. However, fear not, as this startup encourages its travellers to ‘spread their wings and the cost’ by providing a flexible way to finance their trips. The company currently operates in the UK, US, and Germany and partners with a lot of larger travel brands including Airbnb and Booking.com.


We’ve all heard of sites like Skyscanner, who can get you the cheapest deal on flights. Now we introduce you to their competition - Omio. This startup offers price comparisons across a whole variety of travel necessities, including bus fares, flights, trains, and ferries. They currently partner with over 800 travel operators, which means they stand a pretty good chance at finding you the best prices possible. Now you just need to decide which part of the globe you’ll be trotting to.


If staying in the UK is more your thing then you can choose from over 60,000 holiday cottages, lodges, and apartments from this startup. The company was founded in 2014 and now boasts ‘the largest collection of holiday rentals in the UK’. So if a wide variety of staycation options is your cup of tea, check them out! 

We have sadly reached the end of our recommendations for today, but we hope you have found them helpful. Please enjoy the next week of sunny weather, regardless of whether you’re on holiday or not. If you’re wanting to work a little more flexibly and enjoy the sun, please check out our remote jobs here. Have a great rest of your week!

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