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Viral Startups to Watch!

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In the age of social media, going viral has become somewhat of the ‘holy grail’ of the internet experience. Whether you’ve been craving a negroni sbagliato with prosecco in it or have made your own version of Celine Dion’s ‘It’s all coming back to me’ performance, there’s no doubt that viral trends are hard to avoid if you’re active across social channels. 

For startups social media presents an opportunity for businesses and audiences to grow overnight. TikTok has become a particular favourite as more and more success stories surface each day. This week, we’ve compiled a list of startups that went viral online. 

Let’s take a closer look! 

Enchanted Scrunch 

A year ago, Dasha Derkach started her business, Enchanted Scrunch because she wanted to provide the world with a bigger variety of scrunchie designs. Initially she started out on Instagram but then quickly moved to TikTok where she recieved 15k views and 10 orders within just one day. Now, Dasha's business has become a six figure company with over 170k followers - not too shabby!

Peachy BB’s Slime

If you're an active TikToker and a lover of asmr then you've probably come across a few slime videos. One slime shop that has taken the internet by storm is BB's slime. Founder Andrea and her team have a 4.7 million following and regularly post videos about the slime making process. 

Klassy Network 

Klassy Network first burst onto the scene in 2019 when founder Natalie Rogers decided she wanted to wear a stylish top without a bra. After failing to find anything she liked with built-in padding, she decided to take matters into her own hands and create the ‘halter brami’ (a cross between a bra and a camisole).  In 2020 a video of her showcasing her invention quickly took TikTok and Instagram by storm. 

Brand Pierre 

High school dropout Pierre Woodward certainly takes the crown for one of the more creative businesses out there. During quarantine, he began crafting rings out of old metal spoons and posting his videos on TikTok. His content caught the eye of some more prominent influencers who helped Pierre's business take off. Currently Pierre boasts a following of 1.6 million. 

That concludes this week's list. Whether you're using this weekend to create the next big TikTok dance or simply enjoy a negroni, we hope you have a good one! 

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