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Startups Beating the Recession Blues

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Masha Milovanovic

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From pandemics to the cost-of-living crisis, the doom and gloom of the last few years has certainly taken its toll on startups particularly. Many experienced cutbacks, some had to issue layoffs while others were forced to entirely shut down. With the current economic climate, launching a startup and raising money seems almost impossible (almost being the key word). 

Having said that, it’s important to remember that many startups were, in fact, born from lows. Below, I've compiled a list of startups that are going strong and managed to close funding rounds recently despite the current economic climate:


MYNDUP is on a mission to help improve employee’s mental health. They offer same-day mental health sessions which cover a spectrum of things including therapy, counselling, career coaching and mindfulness amongst other things. They recently announced that they raised £4.4 million in an oversubscribed Series A funding round, showcasing just how important having access to fast mental health help is. Join MYNDUP's upcoming webinar on the 6th of December 2022 where the topic of discussion will be improving mental wellbeing during financial uncertainty including methods to beat financial anxiety. Sign up here!


Enterprise loyalty cloud platform, Antavo is changing the game when it comes to reward programs. They want to encourage long-lasting customer loyalty by engaging in a way that strays from the traditional, financial-only reward programs that exist. For instance, they reward customers in accordance with their interest. Say you enjoy working out, an activewear company could issue rewards for each gym session you attend. As of November 9th, this startup has successfully closed its Series A funding round at 10 million euros - not too shabby!


Just one year after launching, pet insurance start-up Napo have managed to raise £15m in their Series A funding round. Napo differs itself from other pet insurance companies in the fact that they focus on preventing health issues in the first place. This is done by access to 24/7 online vet consultations, obesity awareness resources, and access to the Napo Puppy Academy – a series of classes to help puppy owners get the necessary training to prevent health issues in the future. 

Journey Hospitality 

Hotel tech business, Journey Hospitality, are on a mission to revolutionise e-commerce for the hospitality industry. Most recently they have managed to secure a £5million growth capital investment which will be used to advance product development and market expansion.  

We hope this list has shown you there are startups going strong, raising money and hiring new talent out there. It's def. worthwhile checking them out ? In the meantime, have a fantastic weekend!

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