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  • is looking to hire a Customer Success Engineer within 3 hours of London’s timezone (GMT / BST).


    The initial contract is 6 months. If possible, we would like to convert this to a full-time position afterwards. 


    This is a remote-first role, well-suited to asynchronous work, and for those that value work-life balance.  


    Some customer service or customer facing experience would be preferred, nevertheless, we'd still love to talk to you if you have the right set of transferrable communication and technical skills. 


    About axiom

  has built a no-code browser automation tool. This lets anyone automate repetitive work by recording clicking and typing actions in their browser.


    We think the market has huge potential - companies like UiPath built $10 billion+ businesses by automating processes on the desktop - an industry now known as Robotic Process Automation (RPA). We think RPA has a lot more potential outside the Enterprise, even moreso now that AI Agents and bots are becoming weaved into the workplace. 


    Axiom is on its way to being the industry-standard RPA tool for the browser. It now ranks alongside Selenium - the historical industry standard - as the top result when searching for ‘Browser Automation’ on Google, and is the top-result on Chrome’s extension store.


    You’d be joining axiom at a good time. We've spent years building and refining a (necessarily) complex product, just as the market for no-code RPA has emerged, and just as AI tools are revolutionising the workplace, propelling us to profitability. 


    No-code Browser Automation is now a fast-growing market in which we’re well positioned to be the market leader.


    As a profitable startup, we can focus on long-term decisions, without external pressures (such as funding rounds, investors or runway) distorting decision making. 


    We are led only by the needs of our customers and our team.


    The Role


    This role is customer-facing, and would benefit greatly from customer service experience. Nevertheless, we'd still love to talk to you if you've got the right set of transferrable skills:


    -   We require some basic programming or scripting experience. This includes any language. Even complex Excel shows the right skills.  

    -   Prior experience with no-code tools is highly desirable.

    -   Good written English is essential.


    Beyond these things, we can train you.


    If you’re the kind of person that enjoys building creative solutions to problems - Perhaps you once connected Zapier to an Airtable and a webhook trigger to do something otherwise impossible - this role is for you!


    You’ll be:



    1.  Assisting customers by helping them develop browser automations when they get stuck. This involves use of axiom's no-code tools + JavaScript where required.


    2.  You’ll need to have good communication skills, as well as good written English to help understand customers and their problems.


    3.  You’ll need to have creative problem-solving skills to find simple solutions using the existing tools available.


    4.  When you do need to write JavaScript, these take the form of short scripts. Where these scripts recur, they’re often developed later into product features.


    5.  Developing automated tests for axiom & our library of automations


    - Some programming experience is required for this in any language.


    - We’ll train you on our node.js + JavaScript stack for this case.



    5.  Writing technical documentation of axiom’s product, as new features are released.

        -  Again, good writing skills in English is important.




    Working Environment & Culture


    We’re a remote team, primarily based in the UK.


    We’re looking to hire anyone within +/- 3 hours of London’s time zone.


    We’re a flexible employer that operates flexible working hours and understands the importance of work-life balance.


    We believe people do their best work when they’re motivated by positive progress, not by negative stress. Our working culture emphasises focus and essentialism.


    We believe the best way to work is to be relaxed, and focus on results, rather than a raw number of working hours.


    This role would not suit those who really miss, and need, the buzz of an office environment. As a distributed, remote-first team, we rely heavily on asynchronous communication, with few meetings.


    The role would suit those who enjoy the freedom and balance remote work brings, whilst also allowing them to focus in a distraction-free environment to produce their best ‘Deepwork’.

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