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Technical co-founder at Doogheno

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  • London
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  • I am looking for a technical co-founder for a friendship app. 

    We are facing an epidemic of male loneliness.  

    Making friends is hard and as you get older it gets harder. 

    I want to help address this. 

    I want to create an app that allows people to connect in the real world, without the embarrassment of feeling like they are on a dating app. 

    The app will focus around people sticking a flag in the ground and saying hey would anyone like to join me doing x, y, z. This will help people make friends through common interests, and rather than say oh I met him through an app you could say oh he is on my pub quiz team, go to football with him etc. 

    This is male to male friendships (initially) and not a dating/hook up app. 

    I have a strong commercial background and have run a marketing company for seven years but I don't wan to try to learn no/low code platforms to build and MVP. 



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