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Machine Learning Engineer at Atla

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  • London
  • fulltime
  • ₤90,000 - ₤140,000 a year
  • -
  • As Atla’s machine learning engineer, you’ll develop the framework allowing for rapid training and experimentation of large language models as well as constructing the internal platform to enable high throughput inference of such models.

    • Develop the core inference engine used to serve large machine learning models to customers at scale and across distributed systems.
    • Contribute significantly to the internal automated pipeline enabling high throughput training runs and rapid experimentation achieving top hardware efficiency optimisation.
    • Collaborate in defining and steering Atla’s evolving inference and training stack working with researchers, founders and advisors to develop the next generation of high availability LLM’s.
    • Build and grow our engineering organisation, setting a high bar of excellence that propels Atla forward.

    Please note that this role is in-person.


    Evidence of exceptional ML engineering ability:

    • Experience in creating and managing high-performance computing clusters across GPU/TPU, preferably in PyTorch.
    • Proficiency in efficient serving of large machine learning models at scale, including quantisation and distributed computing, experience with libraries such deepspeed.
    • Strong software engineering experience with software design / architectural skills, preferably in Python.
    • Understanding around the latest AI research and a familiarity of the knowledge of how these systems can be efficiently implemented.
    • Experience at a leading machine learning company (OpenAI, DeepMind, Meta, Anthropic, HuggingFace, etc.).

    Nice to have

    • Experience as an early engineer at a fast growing startup.
    • Interested in and thoughtful about of the impacts of AI technology.

    About you

    You are going to thrive at Atla with the following mindset:

    • Collaborative and team-oriented, with strong communication skills.
    • Comfortable with the uncertainty and fast pace of a hyper-growth startup.
    • Willingness to continuously learn and adapt in a dynamic environment.
    • Unpretentious and hard working; find the best ideas wherever they come from.

    Join our driven team to make a dent in the universe by engineering safe, beneficial AI systems!

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