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  • Emotech is currently raising the state-of-the-art in multiple areas of audio-visual processing. Our projects include topics from a complete multilingual speech AI to Digital Humans with realistic facial expressions and LLM driven assistants. We are looking for passionate Machine Learning Engineers to help develop and deploy machine learning models that power our innovative products and services. As an ML Engineer you will work closely with both Researchers and Software Engineers to improve our AI models and bring them to customers worldwide in our Rust based services. The role is not limited to a specific modality (speech, vision etc), model type or research field and you will have the opportunity to work on different product areas and technologies.

    As a Machine Learning Engineer, your main responsibilities:

    • Collaborate closely with the research team to turn research into a working solution.
    • Will work in a dynamic environment to deliver high quality software against tight schedules
    • Work on our Rust based ML services in production
    • Deliver robust Machine Learning solutions in a timely manner, responding to Emotech’s business needs
    • Ensure the smooth orchestration of many AI services in different pipelines.
    • Optimise your code to fit different requirements (Multi-core, Multi-thread, Parallel execution, GPU)
    • Work on all parts of the machine learning pipeline from data gathering and storage, data processing, model improvement and model deployment.


    • Minimum of 1 year working with Machine Learning models in industry.
    • Deep knowledge of a programming language (e.g. Rust, C++11, python) in a Linux environment; working knowledge of multiple languages
    • Degree in Computer Science or other relevant area
    • Working knowledge of Tensorflow, PyTorch or similar Deep Learning frameworks
    • Ability to write high quality code
    • Experience in relevant fields, such as Computer Vision, Speech Processing, Machine Learning and Deep learning
    • Great understanding of TDD, unit tests, end-to-end tests
    • Strong communication skills and ability to communicate deeply technical concepts to people with less software experience


    • Rust experience advantageous
    • Knowledge of devops or experience with a major cloud provider
    • Experience with docker
    • REST or gRPC API design/development/Cloud Deployments experience
    • Arabic Speaker
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