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Senior Backend Engineer (Ruby + Elixir). at UpMail

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  • Remote
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  • $89,000 a year
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  • UpMail is a SaaS business that builds email tools for Hotels. We are fully remote, focussed on engineering simplicity and good technical design, and we are [default-alive]( 

    Much of our hiring process is open, with transparent salaries and process. 

    We are hiring for high-autonomy engineers with an interest in architecture design and pragmatic development.
    Please check out [Engineering Careers at UpMail]( to get a sense of the company as a whole.

    **What we’re looking for**

    The majority of UpMail’s challenges are not purely technical. 

    Our customers are large organisations with rich needs, but they do no have large scale. This means that the bulk of our work is product engineering, and requires excellent communication and collaboration skills. 

    This role corresponds to a “3” in across all levels of our [Engineering Career Framework]( We have expanded on those details below. 

    **Collaborative Product Development**

    - Skilled in backend development with Ruby; 5-10 years of experience would be typical.  JavaScript/Vue experience appreciated but entirely optional (as we are phasing out this technology in 2024).
    - Focuses on iterative development, shipping small things and learning from them.
    - Prioritises product thinking and domain design over complex coding.
    - Knows the value in simplifying features and shipping less.
    - Expertise in breaking down large projects into manageable tasks.

    **Technical Design**

    - Thinks in terms of design at all levels:
        - A quick bug fix has a small writeup that clearly documents the cause.
        - A small project starts with exploration, documentation update, user understanding.
        - Larger projects are broken up into simple steps that can be incrementally built.
    - Experience with modernising, slimming down, and replacing legacy components.
    - Current project: Revamp our email template system using Rails Hotwire, so that we can remove our frontend SPA.

    **Communication and Autonomy**

    - Excellent written and spoken English.
    - Experience with Async communication, or a commitment to learn it here.
    - Adept at technical writing and explaining complex concepts.
    - Proactive, takes responsibility, and with high attention to detail.

    **General responsibilities**

    - Contribute to the code base in a diligent way, sharing your thinking with the dev team.
    - Engage in discussions to improve working practices, code quality, and other processes. This is especially important as we improve our strategic approach and work on debt reduction.
    - Contribute actively to a friendly & professional working environment.
    - Help team-mates with code reviews.
    - Work with your manager (CTO + CEO) to plan career progression, and check in on progress.

    **Specific responsibilities for this level**

    - Actively share knowledge, e.g. pairing on PR to teach an approach to others.
    - Deliver small product changes, with no support needed.
        - Consistently produce high-quality PRs that advance the quality of our codebase
        - (Feedback and support is always given when requested, the intention is that you don’t usually need it for small tasks).
    - Deliver medium changes & technical projects, with a little support.
        - Break big tasks into smaller ones, produce technical planning and other written communications.
        - Own the process from inception to delivery.
        - Work with the CTO to ensure alignment with technical strategy or other long-term goals.
        - (Feedback and support is always given, especially for bigger projects. The intention is that you are able to drive these projects and pull in others as needed).
    - Be part of delivering of large and strategic technical projects.
        - Work alongside the CTO and other senior developers.
        - Contribute actively and take ownership of parts of the project.
        - (Collaboration and constant feedback is essential here, both giving it and receiving it)
    - Work alongside CTO and CEO to give feedback on technical direction and other strategic aims.
    - Work with the CTO to identify and prioritise specific areas for debt reduction.

    - Transparent pay. We benchmark roles to the top 10% of your region, as a minimum. See each role for specifics.
    - Excellent growth opportunities. [Simple career framework]( with transparent targets and reviews, regular advancement as you progress. Mentoring with our experienced CTO (technical, 15 years in startups).
    - Fully remote. Our team is spread from Vancouver to Pakistan. Dev team operates on UTC timezone.
    - Low meetings. We have a “core hour” every day for dev pairing and collaboration, and rarely meet outside that. Pairing / live design sessions are common on an individual basis.
    - High autonomy. We focus on shipping small, iterative updates, and our devs have a lot of freedom on how things are built.
    - Friendly environment. Our team is friendly and professional, with flexibility afforded to do your best work. We all make mistakes and get better as a team.

    **Salary benchmark for this level**

    - $89,000 USD - Based on Paris (France) weighting

    *As a remote team, we slightly weight salaries based on cost of living in your region. Our benchmark is to pay in the top 10%, we use []( for this data.*

    *Where we feel that data is too low, we will manually increase this benchmark. E.g. where Payscale’s data for a country does not yet reflect remote workers accessing higher salaries.*   

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