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Chief Science Officer (Psychology, Psychiatry), Neurodiversity AI Tech at

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  • London
  • parttime


About 20% of world population is neurodiverse. About 90% are still unaware of their condition. For us the diagnosis is just a first step to learn how to best operate / act / collabolate / relate at work and in your personal lives. 

We belive that everything is possible, no matter if your are naurodiverse or neuro typical. The neuro divergent might need little extra help to get there! And we are there to help. is the  world's first real time AI coach for neuroviverse teams and employees.  The tool that will bring real meaning of inclusion to be paired with diversity. is looking for a passopnate Psyychologist, Therapist, Coach, Psychiatrist who is already helping neurodivergent community to acheeve their goals.

You are expected to bring

scientific kwnolege and method,
network within scientific community,
passion for kwnolege development,
ability to champion the cause, 
time and dedidaction to build the new company from the ground up. 

This is an opportunity to change the every-day of neurodivergent people all round the world. 
Please apply if that is what you want to do next!


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