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Financial Modeller at Stealth

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Finance Modeller

Looking for a one-off type of project worker.  

The idea would be to develop a financial model for the business which involves leasing.
The plan is to permeate on the assumptions until the figures are tight.


You will have done modelling for startups before, so you are aware what flies and what doesn't when it comes to showing these to investors.
Expert in debt financing / leasing too.

Be smarter than chatgpt.  I don't want cookie cooker solutions.  Not some generic s/s needs to be a custom build from the ground up.

Can generate radical ideas themselves and work out the financial viability.

Small scale / big scale

Can spot the big risks and deliver strategies to mediate them, so line items don't matter some could ruin the business.

Beyond Spreadsheets: Your financial modelling skills are second to none. You're not just making numbers look good; you're crafting strategies that turn startups into investor magnets.

Debt Financing Dynamo: Whether it's traditional loans or creative leasing, you know your way around. Your models aren't just smart; they're ChatGPT-level intelligent, but with a human touch.

Risk Slayer: From small-scale ventures to massive operations, you can sniff out risks and strategize like a chess grandmaster. It's not about line items; it's about safeguarding the business's future.

Thanks for reading this advert! 😄

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