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Front end developer / co-founder at Workhouse Solutions

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  • As digital project workers we see gaps in the existing tools available to manage products from concepts to delivery.

    Basically, there are none that do what is required end-to-end.  Product management is a painful process encumbered by a jumble of documents and systems which just about creak along to get the job done.

    We have a vision to change all that with a simple, neat and intuitive tool.

    We're looking for co-founder collaborators to help with building our product MVP.

    Ideally, you'll have 5+ years of experience working with AWS, Node, Typescript and React.

    We're currently offering equity in exchange for hours of contribution - but this will change once we complete our MVP and either the product begins to earn revenues or attracts investment.

    We're remote working from anywhere - but we're looking for a core team based close to a London, UK timezone.

    Oh, and we're no-nonsense straight-talkers.  No snake-oil here!

    Interested?  Get in touch to chat!

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