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Founding Software Engineer at

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  • London
  • fulltime
  • ₤60,000 - ₤90,000 a year
  • -
  • Location: London (in-office)

    Salary: £55k-£90k (based on experience)

    Equity: 0.5%-1%


    At, we’re re-inventing the way talent and opportunity meet.

    Our initial product is Holly, an AI recruiter assistant that helps organisations find the right talent more effectively. The recruitment process, while crucial, is often complex and involves a lot of repetitive and mundane work. Sourcing on various platforms, collaborating with third parties, engaging with candidates, reviewing applications, organizing interviews and tests, gathering feedback from hiring managers… Handling this at scale can quickly become a nightmare, even with recruiters on board.

    This is where Holly comes in. As an AI recruiter assistant, Holly is designed to help with your entire talent acquisition process. You teach her what you’re looking for, and she goes ahead to search, vet, reach out and interview candidates at scale, automating the repetitive parts while involving humans whenever necessary.

    Our fast growing paid customer base is most excited about “Autopilot”: Holly’s ability to automatically find and reach out to candidates after she understood what a great candidate looks like. This saves them hours of time and lets them focus on the hardest part of recruitment: interviewing to determine the fit and selling the role.

    We recently raised a $1.5m pre-seed by Tioga Capital, Portal Ventures and some amazing angel investors, and are looking to expand our team to get Holly to work for every growing company in the world.

    About the role

    As a founding engineer, you’re a key member of the founding team.

    Your main responsibility is building a great product experience for our customers, pushing the bleeding edge of agent-based LLM applications.

    For this early stage of the business, we’re building a strong team of generalists. You’ll be a key stakeholder in every important decision: prioritising the biggest problems, brainstorming pragmatic solutions, implementation, testing, releasing and maintaining. We’re looking for someone that is pragmatic, takes initiative and combines technical prowess and product intuition to go from vague specs to a minimal but satisfactory implementation in no-time, often involving some design work and user interaction.

    Your work will involve mostly full-stack (web) work and anything related to LLMs: prompt-engineering, vector databases etc.

    Our tech stack is mostly TypeScript based, but we also use Python and no-code tools wherever it makes sense. We’re very keen to adopt new technologies when they’re the best fit for the job.

    Some of the things you’ll be working on:

    • Discuss priorities and pragmatic solutions
    • Building new features in our front- and backend
    • Make Holly more intelligent by improving our LLM-agent based architecture
    • Give Holly more data to work with by scraping relevant public data sources, improving our data architecture etc.
    • Build out our data infra and dashboards


    • 4-6y experience as a full stack developer at a tech company
    • Recent experience at an early or growth stage startup
    • You have experience with React / Next, NodeJS and SQL (Postgres)
    • You’re end-to-end, e.g. have experience with building features spanning the frontend, backend and infrastructure
    • You have a track record that shows ambition and excellence. You’ve worked on hard problems successfully.
    • Your work is very important to you. You’re willing to work hard and are looking to be part of a team of top performers with the same attitude.
    • You’re proud to share cool side project(s)

    Nice to haves

    • You’ve build LLM-based apps before
    • You have experience with elastic search

    What we offer

    • Competitive package (incl. equity)
    • Exciting in-office culture with a small team looking to have a big impact (more on this below)
    • 28 holidays (including bank holidays)

    About our culture

    At Holly, we’re on a big mission and are looking for 10x performers to help make it happen. Our style of working doesn’t suit most people, but the people that do fit in, can’t work in any other way. That’s why we want to be super up-front about this, to make sure we don’t waste your time.

    Main characteristics:

    • Passionate about Work. We take pride in our work - more than most people.
    • High Expectations. We strive for excellence and openly address anything that does not meet that standard. We value team members keeping us accountable.
    • Frequent Feedback. We embrace getting and giving candid feedback. Ideally in a nice way, but raw if it must. We live by the growth-mindset.
    • Work Ethic. Our weeks involve 50-55 hours of committed work.
    • Shared responsibility. We proactively address issues, regardless of roles or domains.
    • Done is better than perfect. Move fast and break things. Swift progress is prioritized, even at the risk of mistakes.
    • Open & Transparent. Most information is accessible by everyone in the company.

    Interviewing process

    This role is a high priority for us, so we’re set to run a very efficient and quick process (<2 weeks).

    • Cultural fit interview with both founders
    • Technical assessment, consisting of one of these two (not both):
      • Option 1: 2 (small) technical take-home tests and 2 interview to discuss results
      • Option 2: 1 day in-office to work together with the rest of the team (preferred)
    • Reference calls

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