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Startups Backed by the Royal Family

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The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee this week celebrates the fact that she has been the monarch of our country for 70 years. Were startups even a thing 70 years ago?? One thing I didn’t know, until beginning my newsletter research this week, is that the Royal Family themselves are involved in some startups, too! While I don’t think the Queen herself is doing the investing, her extended family are, so keep reading to find out which Royals are startup lovers, just like us!


Prince Charles - The Queen’s Son

Being first in line for the throne isn’t quite enough for this royal, who has decided to venture into the startup world. To do his bit for the environment, he has become an investor in PolyMateria, a startup that designed technology to create recyclable and biodegradable plastic products. The startup, of which the Prince owns a 0.25% share, has raised £28.7M to date.


Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi - Husband of Princess Beatrice

This ‘by-marriage-royal’ is involved in not one, not two, but three startups. First up is Banda Property, where Edoardo is the CEO and founder! This startup, as you’d guess from the name, is a real estate developer based in London. It was founded in 2006 and currently has over 30 employees. Second in line is Kamma, where Edoardo is an investor and 0.94% stakeholder. This startup creates software for letting agents, so goes perfectly hand-in-hand with his first startup. Finally, and unrelated to real estate, is BoxMedia, a startup that specialises in content creation and digital marketing. Edoardo holds a 0.43% in this business to round out his portfolio.


Jack Brooksbank - Husband of Princess Eugienie

Another ‘by-marriage-royal’ who is quite business savvy and has his finger in many pies. In the startup realm, this includes backing alcoholic drink mixer startup Double Dutch. This female founded startup came to be in 2014 and has raised a whopping £4.96M in funding, so I’m sure Jack is pretty pleased to have a 0.14% stake in the business.


Meghan Markle - Duchess of Sussex and Wife of Prince Harry

Am I being super controversial by calling her a royal? Maybe, but we’re here to discuss startups so I couldn’t miss the opportunity. The Duchess entered the startup world in 2020, when she became an investor in Clevr Blends, an instant oat-milk latte company and a female-founded business.

We hope you'll have a fab time this Jubilee weekend - we are certainly ready for some Pimm's now!

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